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Get to Know Everything About Medical Abortion in Detail

    Everything About Medical Abortion in Detail

    Everything About Medical Abortion in Detail

    Everything About Medical Abortion in Detail Abortion pills help to stop the pregnancy from advancing ahead… finally letting the pregnancy tissues and the embryo out of the body. It causes the uterine lining to shed and separates the fetus from the endometrial through anti-progesterone action. For this effect, you can take the Mifeprex pill or Generic RU486, which are the same as the Mifepristone. And to generate uterus contractions and expel the pregnancy parts from the heavy vaginal bleeding combined with the ripening of the cervix to make the eviction process easier, you need to take either Cytolog or Misoprostol pills.

    In this post, we will discuss in detail about facts about medical abortion, its effects, precautions, risks, benefits, and a lot more.

    Types of Abortion Pills and Their Effects

    Here are some of the safe abortion pills available for women around the world:

    1.  Mifeprex and Generic Ru486: These are the primary medicines in a medical pregnancy termination process. You can obtain any of these, if not Mifepristone to end an unwanted pregnancy. The medicine contains properties that suppress the action of the pregnancy hormone – progesterone. Without this hormone, the fetus is unable to sustain itself and does not grow further. You have to take this pill on day 1 orally with water. The dosage strength of the Mifeprex pill and Generic RU486 is 200mg.

    2.  Misoprostol and Cytolog: As a prostaglandin E1 analog, Misoprostol and Cytolog perform the same function of causing contractions in the womb. They also loosen the cervix to enable the emptying of the uterus faster. You will experience cramps and moderate to heavy bleeding for the pregnancy parts expulsion. Now there are two ways to administer these medicines. You can take 4 pills of 200mcg each by putting one after the other pill inside the vagina and letting those melt inside the vaginal canal.

          Or, you can place two pills side by side in each cheek pouch and wait for half an hour for the medicine to dissolve before ingesting the remains. In an hour or two, the cramps may begin and the bleeding can start within 2 to 4 hours. Remember to begin the dosage only after an interval of 24 to 48 hours after the consumption of the Mifeprex pill.

    3.  MTP Kit: This is a wholesome abortion pill pack. Known as Medical Termination Pack (MTP Kit). It contains all the FDA-approved medicines for pregnancy termination. The blister pack contains 4 pills of Misoprostol of 200mcg each and one pill of Mifepristone 200mg. If you purchase MTP Kit, then you have the entire dosage of pills needed to end your unintended pregnancy.

    How to Get Abortion Pills Near You?

    There are several ways to obtain medicines to end a pregnancy. Telemedicine is one of the leading options. Or, you can buy abortion pill online or through the mail from a website that offers privacy, genuine medication, and top-notch customer support. This will help avail the medicines at your doorstep without even having to step out and search for an abortion care provider. Make sure they deliver to your address and have a secured payment channel for your safety.

    What Do You Need to Know About Abortion Pill Method?

    Only women who are around 8 to 9 weeks pregnant can use the pills. It cannot be used if the pregnancy is beyond this gestation period. Also, abortion pills work only if the pregnancy is within the uterus. For pregnancy outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy), you will need a surgical termination as the pregnancy is life-threatening. Most of the legit places will require a prescription for the pills and you must be over 18 years of age to buy MTP Kit online or else, look for an alternative.

    Also, before starting with the medication method, you must arrange the supplies such as a stock of large and absorbent sanitary napkins for bleeding, painkillers for cramps, and medicines for nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. You must avoid intake of grapefruit juice and alcohol. Stick to light meals. Do not stress out mentally or physically until you recover from the procedure.

    What Are the Things to Keep in Mind?

    Always keep the contact number and means to reach the nearest emergency care unit to handle any urgency for medical assistance, if the need arises during the procedure. You cannot drive or ride any vehicle in the middle of abortion, so arrange transportation for the clinic in time of an emergency. Do not forget to go for a follow-up two weeks after the intake of the Mifepristone pill in order to check if the pregnancy termination was completed successfully or not.

    The physician will conduct ultrasonography of the uterus to see if there are any pregnancy that remains in the womb. If the remains are still there, then invasive treatment is required. Do not overdose on abortion pills, as they can be detrimental to health.

    What Are the Benefits of Medical Abortion?

    When you count the benefits of medical abortion with pills, privacy is what resounds first. This is because you can maintain secrecy throughout the process right from ordering the pills on the internet to using that at home without anyone’s knowledge if you want it to stay that way.

    To top it off, you can stay in comfort in your space and self-manage the symptoms without hospitalization, spending on travel, or the fee of the surgeon. There is no use of instruments and anesthesia. The MTP Kit procedure can be opted for as soon as 4 weeks into gestation and even earlier if the pregnancy is detected then.

    What Are the Risks of Pregnancy Termination Pills?

    As for the risks, there is less than a one percent chance of the pill method not being able to terminate the pregnancy. And if that happens, it is better to get the remnants of the pregnancy removed through an invasive procedure. The risk of pill misuse may increase if someone takes it without following professional advice or administering the medicine beyond 9 weeks of gestation.

    If the pills are not stored properly, they can get spoiled. Basically, the risk ensues from the users more than the medication method itself. There is also only a small risk for infection and sepsis. If you are careful during the process, all these complications can be avoided.

    Final Words

    Medical abortion is one of the safest methods to end an unplanned pregnancy. Abortion pills have a high success rate and can be used for an intrauterine early pregnancy at home without assistance from anyone if you follow the physician’s advice properly.

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